Dylan Sherry had a productive 2019, releasing the Vacant Lands EP and his second full-length album Western Sky, arranging interviews, and playing dozens of shows around Southern California, including a record release show at the Hotel Cafe. Stars, a single included on both releases of 2019, found itself in rotation on radio stations across the U.S. Co-written with Misty Boyce, the song is best described as “...looking to the sky above for answers... it’s a method for trying to learn about things unknown.”

The Silver Spring EP, Sherry’s debut release in 2016, brought show offers and an opportunity to break into the local scene. Playing with members of The Halfway Happys and Blank Summers, a family of local artists was formed, with the group creating Baby Boy Sounds—their own record label. The relationship is described by Dylan Sherry, “We all have different influences and styles that create an environment where constructive criticism and input are welcomed.” Whether it be on 2018’s Wild Range or 2019’s Western Sky, the influences can be heard, stretching from Surf, Folk, 60s Garage Rock, Motown, and Pop.

2020 brought a new chapter for Dylan, signing with new record label L.A. Tangerine, becoming the first artist on their roster with the releases of Run / Five Horsemen and Stars ft. The Green Flamingos.

"My interest in music started at a young age. My Dad has an extensive record collection--something I always loved going through. At that age, I was just picking out the albums that I thought looked the coolest. With that said, playing instruments was always encouraged in my home."